On Page SEO

User Intent: The Foundation of Search

User Intent - What do they want?

Google’s Quality Rating Program Guidelines makes it clear to us how Google’s raters view pages as they conduct manual reviews. The truth of the matter though, is that perhaps 99% of the pages that are indexed by Google would never …

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Application Rich Snippets Now Supported

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Google is serious about delivering on their promise of supporting more kind of content as rich snippets in their effort to help users more easily determine the relevance of a search result. In the past few months, not only did …

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Google +1 Button for Search Rankings

Google +1 Button

Last month I said that we have yet to see just how much the +1 button will affect pages in terms of overall page rank. However, just a few weeks later, confirmation as to the relevance of the +1 button …

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Now Showing: Music Rich Snippets

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If you have a music site, or at least some pages that contain songs or music samples, you can now start marking up these content so that they can be displayed in your search results as snippets. Google announced last

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Schema.Org and Marking Up Your Content

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One of the challenges that search engines face is determining the relevancy of the content of a page in relation with search terms entered by users. This is made extra challenging by the fact that a lot of words and …

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Google News Rank Boosters

Last time I gave some tips on how to rank better in Google News. Today I’ll be giving some more tips that are still straight from Google Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye.

According to Ms Ohye some of …

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