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Finding the Infamous Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines

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I’ve been reading on the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines (March 2011 version) that Jennifer Ledbetter linked to a couple of weeks ago, and set the SEO world abuzz with the news. The funny thing is that the guideline has …

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Expecting Panda Roll Outs

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Real life little panda cubs might be as cute as hell, but hell is also the right word to use in describing what most webmasters feel each time a new Panda of the Google kind is about to be birthed. …

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Dealing with Ranking Fluctuations

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The fact that life is full of ups and downs is something that we accept, so why should it be any different when it comes to your site’s rankings?

Fluctuations in your page’s position in search result pages are something …

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Google +1 Button for Search Rankings

Google +1 Button

Last month I said that we have yet to see just how much the +1 button will affect pages in terms of overall page rank. However, just a few weeks later, confirmation as to the relevance of the +1 button …

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Slingshot SEO Gives Us a Look at Google Click-Through Rates

Google CTR Curve

Everyone knows that appearing in SERPs is nothing if no one clicks on your links. Your goal in ranking well in SERPs is, after all, getting users to click on your link and visit your site. With that in mind, …

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Factoring the Negatives in Your SEO Equation

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We all know how important it is to do the right things to help boost your page rank in search engine results pages. However, knowing the factors that can positively affect your page rank is only half the battle. You …

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