SEO Mistakes

SEOMoz Explains Correlation and Causation

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Understanding the difference between correlation and causation is very important if you want to be able to really find out what the factors are that make search engines tick. While factors that are included in search engine algorithms will surely …

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Factoring the Negatives in Your SEO Equation

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We all know how important it is to do the right things to help boost your page rank in search engine results pages. However, knowing the factors that can positively affect your page rank is only half the battle. You …

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The danger from automatically formatted text

Microsoft Word and other word processing programs auto format punctuation. Unfortunately, punctuation that has been modified by word processing programs is not converted in the same way by the programs running the search engines.

For example, word processing programs will …

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The Real Worth of “Low-Budget SEO Providers”

Going for a really cheap SEO provider? Think again.

I understand that the economy is really bad right now and everyone’s trying to cut corners but when it comes to SEO going cheap is NOT a good idea. That doesn’t …

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The Possible Problem with the Search Box

The great thing about internet users is that browsing/surfing behaviors evolve rapidly as they learn to do things the more efficient way. One of the things that users now depend heavily on is the search box. Search is no longer …

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Spam Scare: What to Do

What would you do if you suddenly get a massive amount of inbound links and find out its all spam?

If you know anything about SEO you know that we all loooove inbound links however we don’t want a whole …

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