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Burning to Move In: FeedBurner Goes Google

Ok I’m not that dense. I’ve known that Feedburner was bought by Google mid last year. I am after all a Feedburner user and loooove Feedburner. So what am I talking about?

Recently Feedburner announced that finally they are “movin’

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Search Engine Snippets

Yahoo’s at it again. Just a few days ago they announced that they’re implementing changes to their crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms so don’t be surprised if you see some changes in your Yahoo results rank. Hopefully the changes …

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Rank Checker Review and a Short Lesson on URLs and Domains

Been trying out Aaron Wall’s new Firefox extension, Rank Checker, and it works really well. If you want to have no problems making it work though let me remind you of the difference between a URL and a domain.…

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SEO Your Images: Enhanced Image Search

We already know that ALT tags should be used for relevant images (I say relevant because you can skip putting ALT tags for images placed in your page for purely aesthetic and/or organisational purposes such as borders). However, what many …

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Cool Plug-ins from Joost’s Mailing List

I haven’t really had time to go over my mail these days and my inbox has A LOT of unread mail (not to mention the unread categorised mail that goes directly under their labels). As you know I subscribed to …

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Webmaster Tools Content Analysis Feature

For those who haven’t noticed or did notice but didn’t use the new features that came out last December here’s a quick overview on the Content Analysis feature. As the name suggests the new feature is very useful at analysing …

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