SEO By Blogging

by Gary on January 21, 2007

in SEO

Blogging is not merely used to describe your sleeping patterns or to chronicle the potty habits of your pooch. As more and more individuals and corporations use blogging to reach out to niche markets, it has become a prominent ingredient of the Internet marketing strategy. Blogging can greatly enhance your SEO efforts because blogging is liked by both search engines and human readers. But why do blogging and SEO get associated with each other. There are completely valid reasons for that, and they are:

  • Blogging primarily talks about current events: Search engines crave to index the latest information you have to offer. The search engine companies like Google want to present to their users the most recently updated web pages and websites. Bloggers not only update their blogs daily, sometimes they update them multiple times everyday. And most of the blogs talk about the current things that are happening in the world or around them.
  • Blogging is relevant: Relevancy is the most important ingredient of your SEO campaign because relevancy tells the search engine that your web pages actually talk about the expression the user is searching for. Blogging mostly involves vertical concentration of the chosen subject or theme, say for instance, “web designing”. Now if you blog about web designing, you’ll be using the expression “web designing” or “web design” a lot on your blog.
  • Blogging navigation is search engine friendly: Blogs are structured in such a manner that the search engine crawlers find it easy to index them. For instance, in the side bar, you have links to all your recent posts. Then your archives connect to practically every post you have ever written. You also sometimes link to your own posts. So there is this solid interlinking of various posts and this makes crawling very easy.
  • Blogging creates a rich resource: Since you are often linking to posts and articles on other websites (that you feel might be good for your visitors), search engines think that your blog is a good information resources and hence give you preference over other websites and blogs.
  • Bloggers readily link to each other: Links from other websites are very important for SEO. Normally, webmasters don’t easily link to other websites unless the reasons are very compelling. Bloggers on the other hand love putting each others’ links so this gives boost to their SEO efforts.

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