How To Avoid Being Cheated By Your SEO Company

by Gary on August 8, 2007

in SEO

It’s very easy to be deceived by an SEO company especially if you are not acquainted with at least some ins and outs of search engines optimisation. It’s not big deal about getting on the first page of the search engine results pages; what matters is, your position should be sustainable and you should appear there for the right keywords. Also, the tactics shouldn’t give the search engines a reason to ban your website. Keep in mind that if your website is banned, it can take between 6-12 months to start appearing again on the search engines; so bear the cost of hiring a “smart” SEO company in your mind.

Here are a few things that should alert your antennas:

1] Did Your SEO Company Approach You Through Spam

As a principal you should never reply to spam because this in itself means the company doesn’t believe in ethical practices. If they are themselves taking the easy way out, they will surely do it with your SEO campaign too. Never hire an SEO company that sends you unsolicited messages to get work from you.

2] Does Your SEO Company Make Tall Promises

Nobody can guarantee you top placement and if your SEO company says a top placement is guaranteed, you should smell something fishy. I’m not saying good results cannot be assured, top search engine placements depend on lots of other factors like what’s the quality of your content, how frequently you add new content and update existing content, how many quality incoming links you have, how clean is your source code, how you define your page titles etc. Top placements also depend on what sort of competition your website faces. SEO is just a process to optimise your website for search engines. Getting top ranks is a slow, gradual, natural process.

3] Does Your SEO Use Blackhat Tactics?

Blackhat SEO tactics include:

  • Creating doorway pages
  • Stuffing your pages with keywords
  • Putting hidden/same color keywords to increase keyword-density
  • Indulging in cloaking
  • Creating mirror websites
  • Blindly exchanging links
  • Spamming online forums and blogs
  • Pilfering high-ranking content from other websites
  • And some more

All these tactics can get you into trouble, and you should avoid such SEO companies that indulge in these tactics like plague.

In order to avoid being cheated by the SEO companies as a routine you should invest some time reading about the legitimate SEO practices followed by reputed SEO companies.

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