The SEO Content Writer: The 5 most likely questions to be asked this week

by Gary on July 20, 2007 · 1 comment

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The third in the “most likely questions”series.

This was the 1st: The SEO Consultant: The 5 most likely questions to be asked this week.

This was the 2nd: The SEO Content Writer: The 5 most likely questions to be asked this week.

The SEO content writer is far more important for your website or blog than the normal SEO person because the search engines index your website for the content it has. An SEO writer, if you are planning to hire one, should know how to write both for the search engines and the human readers: he or she should know how to strike that elusive, perfect balance. Ask your SEO content writer the following questions in order to know what he or she can or cannot do for your website:

1] Does his or her content cater to search engines, human readers, or both?

If your SEO content writer is overly obsessed with getting your website to the first page of Google and doesn’t care much about what impact the content is going to make upon your human visitors, then your writer is not much of an SEO writer. Your SEO content writer must know that content is written for the humans. What’s the use of having nonsensical text and appearing among the top 10 search results if your visitors are going to leave within a few seconds? Well-written content automatically gets a higher ranking by the search engines.

2] Is your SEO content writer comfortable with your industry linguistics?

One needs a higher comfort level in order to use your keywords without seeming like using them repetitively. You can juggle six balls flawlessly only if you can comfortably juggle fewer balls. Ask your SEO content writer to provide you with a few writing samples where he or she can comfortably write your content using your keywords and key phrases and make sure the text doesn’t seem “spammy”.

3] Is your SEO content writer a good copywriter too?

You need content for your website because you want to convey your message and convey it compellingly, with conviction. You want people to do business with you after reading your content. Your SEO content writer, while keeping the search engines in good humor, should be able to write convincingly, using the right words and phrases. The writing should represent your business philosophy and approach and the language should be suitable for your target audience.

4] How much your SEO content writer charges for revisions?

You need constant revisions in order to keep your content up-to-date, especially if it is time sensitive. You’ll need new content, and you’ll need old content re-written and they’ll both have different rates. You can keep all your options open if you know how much your SEO content writer will cost for ongoing work.

5] How has the previously written SEO content performed?

Look how the previous projects of your SEO content writer fare on the search engines? Do the pages for target keywords appear on the first or the second search results page? What is the success rate? No SEO content writer can have a 100% success rate because it all depends on how much competition the targeted keywords face but you can arrive at an average after evaluating a few projects.

Choose your SEO content writer carefully because he or she has the ability to make or break your business.

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Philip M. August 5, 2009 at 5:37 am

Thanks for answering those difficult questions. At the very least, content writers would find this post very helpful.