SEO for the Yahoo!-MSN Search Hybrid

by Gary on February 4, 2008 · 1 comment

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If (or when) MSN acquires Yahoo! it will surely affect the search scene. But by how much? We don’t really know, especially since even with their combined market share of 32.7 percent they still lag behind the Google’s market share (58.4 percent). For those of us in SEO though it is important that we already take steps to ensure we are able to adapt in case the buy out does happen and a new/hybrid search engine emerges. In case the buy out does not materialise learning more about Yahoo! and MSN Search will still be a good thing since those who have not been focusing their SEO campaign on these two search engines’ algorithms will be armed better for a more holistic (read: not just Google-centered) SEO campaign.

Aaron Wall has a great post on what the Yahoo! acquisition means for those in the search arena, from an analysis of Yahoo and MSN search’s present state in terms of organic search results, recommendations for SEO, and paid and contextual advertising. Some of the SEO recommendations include:

  • Learning more about Microsoft’s algorithm.
  • Continuing organic link building by have fresh content regularly.
  • Submitting to the Yahoo! Directory.
  • For those with a few large websites, start running more websites that cater to niche markets.
  • For those who rely on Yahoo’s paid inclusion start beefing up on your organic search rank.
  • Try to meet Yahoo News’ requirements so that your site can (if it is not yet) be included in the news search results.

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SEO Pune February 5, 2008 at 6:48 am

The Yahoo MSN acquisition could prove wonders for the SEO industry .At the moment most SEO’s have conducted their operations according to the google algorithm which has led to too many websites following the same linking strategies.If MSN comes up with different ways that search marketers can approach it will create many new venues for business to expose themselves.