Sitelinks: Google’s Improvements and Possible Benefits to Your Site

by Gary on August 16, 2011

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Sites whose results in Google’s SERPs show sitelink have one more reason to celebrate – the improvement of sitelinks. The “improved sitelinks” was launched by Google today and is supposed to bring improvements in the areas of visibility, flexibility, clarity, and quality of the links.

As you can see below, the difference in visibility is the most obvious of the changes, since each link is expanded, so that you get more than twice the SERP real estate you once had with the new sitelinks. Users will also find the new sitelinks to be a lot more informative since each shortcut now shows the page URL, plus a very short description.

Improved sitelinks

For the newbies that are not too familiar with the effects of sitelinks on your site, here’s a quick rundown of some of the advantages that sitelinks bring.

  • More traffic – Having sitelinks on increase your result’s visibility to users, thus increasing the chances of having them actually click on your links. The increase in click-through rates is also not ony due to the bigger SERP real estate that you automatically get with sitelinks, but is also due to the additional information users can glean from them.
  • Decreased bounce rates – Aside from helping drive more traffic to your site, another benefit of having sitelinks is the decrease in bounce rates. Since search users will be able to zero in on more specific pages on your site, the chances of them landing on pages that contain the exact information they need is higher, thus possibly decreasing the bounce rate.

With such advantages that sitelinks bring, you should definitely do your best to earn them. However, since generation of sitelinks is fully automated, the only thing you can really do is to make sure that your site’s link structure is clean and sensible. You should also definitely mark up the contents of your pages to help Google decide which pages need a shortcut.

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