The Path to SEO Success

by Gary on March 8, 2012 · 4 comments

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Ever wonder how to succeed as an SEO? Dr Pete Meyers of User Effect wrote an excellent “love letter” to newbie SEOs that is worth re-sharing. You won’t find the usual basic technical SEO tips in his letter, nor would you find quick fixes and marketing magic tricks to catch potential clients’ attentions. What you will find instead is a wake up call that will either turn you off from pursuing a career in SEO, or help you get back on track if you’re the type who knows how to listen to sound advice.

I suggest you read the entire post here, but if you want a sneak peek to see first, here’s a summary of what he has to say:

  • Do First, Then Talk – As Dr. Pete puts it, “People don’t want to hear about what you could do, given enough time, money, and magic beans. They want to hear about what you have done.”
  • Build Something (Anything) … that’s interesting! – This obviously is what will back up the do first, then talk policy.
  • Stop Comparing Yourself – Instead he says to just pick your niche and “and do it until you improve.”
  • Bite Off 20% Too Much – I guess he believes that biting off 20% more than you’re used to is not biting off more than you can chew. What he really means with this though is to push yourself so you can improve.
  • Work Smarter AND Harder – This one doesn’t need explaining.
  • Tell People What You Do – And when you do, he says to be specific about it. Don’t just say SEO, give the specific niche you excell and the techniques you do employ.

And if you think about the advice he’s doled out and decide to go another direction, console yourself in the fact that you can at least apply his advice in any aspect of your life!


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