Tips for Creating Readership from the Geek Chick

by Gary on May 27, 2008 · 1 comment

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One of my favorite bloggers, Sacha Chua, who has several hundred subscribers reading her personal blog regularly has this tips to offer if you want to grow you online network. The cool thing about the tips (which I’ll be listing below) is that they target your existing OFFLINE social network. The funny thing about us SEOs and bloggers is that we tend to get overly focused on getting traffic from search engines and other social networking sites that we neglect to tap the existing offline network we’ve worked hard all our life to build.

So anyway how can you get your offline friends and colleagues to read your blog and keep on coming back? Here’s what Sacha Chua said:

  • Make sure people can find you – You can do this by giving away business cards and signing letters and emails with your website URL in it. To make sure your friends who choose to check out your site know that they arrived on the right one add your REAL bio on the abour section. Introduce yourself online!
  • Give them something they’ll find immediately useful – Her tip on giving people the URL of a blog post (remember this means YOUR blog post) that solves a certain problem or gives specific information that they need instead of discussing the solution/info at length will definitely work since they would want to read the post because they NEED to. Additional tip (from me): Keep a pen and scratchpad near/on you so you can always scribble away and give the info even when not in front of a computer.
  • Provide continuing value – Give them something useful again and again. You know what your colleages and friends will be interested in. Blog about it. And make sure it would also be easy for them to look for older posts containing the info they need!

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paulette June 23, 2008 at 5:07 am

Focusing on niche which you know where your target market is a good investment of time money and energy. And of course continuous effort will make things perfect for you.