Tweaking Your Tweets for More Traffic

by Gary on October 19, 2011 · 1 comment

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If you optimise your pages for maximum effect when posted on Facebook, so should you optimise your tweets to increase the chances of driving traffic to your site. Twitter is after all a force to contend with search volume reported to be averaging at 800 million a day in July of last year. Just imagine how much traffic you site will get if you capture the attention of even just a fraction of that figure.

Tweaking your tweets to help your SEO efforts is not at all that difficult. According to Laura Lippay, some of the easiest tactics to get the most out of your tweets include using hashtags wisely, inserting keywords in your tweets, tweeting about hot topics, linking to your site/pages from your tweets and vice versa, and even linking to Twitter from Facebook.

Make sure that when optimising your tweets you should still follow the now established rule of avoiding keyword stuffing. Use only keywords that really fit your tweet and place hashtags before the keyword only when apt. Overdoing either of the two will lead to followers that will likely “unfollow” you or dismiss your tweets routinely without so much as a glance.

Be vigilant about trending topics and fire away with a tweet as soon as you see a topic related to your site’s content, especially if you can find a way to link to a page of yours that really has content relevant to the hot topic.

Linking to your Twitter from your site and from Facebook is also a really good idea because your site visitors and Facebook friends might want to follow you on Twitter. Always give this option to make life easier for them. In the end, the more Twitter followers you have the more loyal site visitors you will likely get.

And as for the impact on search outside of the Twitter world, remember that search engines also index your tweets (except for the private ones) so that tweeting your site’s content and linking to your site will have a double pay off of appearing on Twitter’s search results and search engine results pages as well.

You can also read more about Twitter best practices for businesses for simple tips on how to use Twitter to “build your following, reputation, and customer trust.”

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