Want to increase site traffic- Write keyword rich articles

by Gary on December 6, 2010 · 2 comments

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Want to attract huge targeted traffic to the website, improve search engine ranking or build credibility online, start writing keyword rich articles catering to your business. Writing keyword rich articles and distributing them online is one of the successful SEO techniques.

Keyword rich articles allow the website to convey their information and content to the popular search engines and that too in the most effective way. For instance, if a customer is searching for some information regarding buying a new pair of golf shoes, the terms that will be often used include best golf shoes, top golf shoes, cheap golf shoes and other related keywords. Greater the number of articles with these top searched keywords, higher will be the ranking of your website.

Here are 5 tips to follow for keyword rich articles:

Tip 1

The best way to add targeted and highly searched keywords is by finding highly used keywords with the use of keyword suggestion tools like Overture, Word Tracker and Keyword Discovery. This contributes tremendously in knowing the total number or volume, a particular keyword being searched or demanded by the web users. Take for example you wish to know the targeted keywords to be added in your article about “keyword rich articles”, these tools will show you the result of numerous keywords such as keyword rich, keyword article, web article, keyword writing, RSS feed and web content and their popularity. One can also look at the competitors’ view source page of the website to get appropriate keyword suggestions.

Tip 2

One should also use the keywords that are more specific rather than less specific ones. Let us take that you are about to write an article as freelance copywriter fees. Your main aim should be to add the popular keywords that are linked to the respective topic and not the general field of copywriting. Freelance copywriting or freelance copywriting prices are much used and beneficial key phrases as these keywords will be actually searched by the users. But on the other hand, freelance copywriting is a very general keyword phrase and might bring up a large number of high ranking websites than your informative and appealing website.

Tip 3

One must ensure the title of the article should be keyword rich, as it is also one of main focuses of search engine spiders while crawling the websites. While making keyword rich title, try to build the title by starting with the keyword. For example if your article is on benefits of credit cards so make a title like Credit Cards- 5 benefits to avail.

Tip 4

It is also imperative to make sure that you add the most targeted keywords in the very first 80 to 90 characters of your article. This will definitely help in making the search engine spiders to focus on your article and give it a high ranking.

Tip 5

Another crucial tip is to fit the keywords in the starting and last paragraphs so that the readers can stay connected with your content and increase its overall readability.

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patricksaron January 6, 2011 at 5:20 am

The tips was great and so helpful…According to the search engine Optimization Company one of the significant factors that the website owner has to keep in mind is that the written and featured articles are related to the type or content of the desired back link.