Web Design Industry in Decline?

by Gary on January 15, 2008

in Website Design

For at least the last five years the UK web design industry has been buoyant, but are there signs of an imminent decline, or has it already started?

I have an involvement it two small independent web design agencies, so I think I have a feel for the volume of new enquiries/new business interest that there is out there.

About a month ago two snappily dressed gentlemen arrived at one of our offices requesting a meeting without arranging a prior appointment, this in itself seemed somewhat strange. It transpired that they were from a web design agency in an adjacent town and were seeking to generate business by picking up any overflow work form their competitors. This tactic to increase business seemed rather unorthodox at the time but in isolation I thought no more of it.

Already this year we have had at least two phone calls and one email for competing agencies requesting that we pass work. I could understand if these were requests were from freelancers or one-man-bands but they were from medium to largish (15 people) agencies.

I can only deduce that some agencies are no longer attracting the level of inquiries that they have previously enjoyed and that this could be the start of a broader industry decline.

What are your thoughts?

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