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Fun Time with Bing’s Video Homepage

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Haven’t really used Bing for a while?

Just in case you have spare time to play around, I suggest you visit Bing to see their new video homepage, which they launched in the UK and Australia earlier this week. While …

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Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple’s CEO

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This may have nothing to do with SEO, but Apple fan or not, you cannot deny how Steve Job’s genius has changed the world as we know it. Beyond founding Apple, and saving it during its tumultuous days, the company, …

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Learning More About AdWords via Free Webinars

Google AdWords

Need help with your search marketing efforts? The InsideAdwords team has good news for you.

Instead of making you have to read endless help pages, they have decided to hold free webinars for Adwords advertisers. The webinars will be held …

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Filter Results Using Google Search Options

Google’s VP of Search Products and User Experience, Marissa Mayer, announced yesterday the latest in Google’s Search Options. I’ve embedded the YouTube video below but am going to give you an outline of what you’ll see on the video. …

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Google Likes Brands Because of Quality

Matt Cutts has confirmed that recent changes in Google’s algorithm that has lead to a surge in bigger brands appearing among the top results of Goole’s SERPs. According to Matt Cutts though the changes did not result from Google’s bias …

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Rev Up Your Video Blog Revenue with Revver

Here’s an interesting WordPress plugin for those who want a way to monetise their video blogs (or even the usual blogs as long as you like to embed videos). We all love YouTube but Google’s still trying to find the …

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