Webmaster Tools Content Analysis Feature

by Gary on February 9, 2008

in SEO,SEO Tools,Website Design

For those who haven’t noticed or did notice but didn’t use the new features that came out last December here’s a quick overview on the Content Analysis feature. As the name suggests the new feature is very useful at analysing the content of your website. So what exactly does it analyse? The content analysis feature gives a report on metadata issues that could affect Google’s crawling and indexing your web pages as well as your website’s usability. Some of the specific metadata issues looked into by the content analysis feature include:

1. Title tag issues

  • missing title tags
  • duplicate title tags
  • long title tags
  • short title tags
  • non-informative title tags

2. Meta description issues

  • duplicate meta description
  • long meta description
  • short meta description

3. Non-indexable content issues

  • flash files
  • images
  • other non-indexable content

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