Is The Client Always Right?

by Gary on June 25, 2007 · 8 comments

in Website Design

Is the client always right? This question pops up on various websites and most of the times you’ll encounter a resounding “Yes!” The client is paying you for what he or she wants, they say, so do it and be done, get the money and move on. But things are not as simple as that when you are designing websites and you design websites not merely as money-earning activity, but to add value to your clients’ business and branding tools.

Web designing clients can be a big headache sometimes, and especially those who want to dictate terms just because either they can, or they think they’ve got the right idea of how their website must look and function despite having no clue. It rarely happens, but it does happen. Such clients

  • Throw around terms and jargons when you are making your presentation
  • They want their 16-year-old nephew who has a MySpace page to supervise the project
  • They seem to know everything about the Internet and they make you feel as if they are hiring you just because they themselves don’t have the requisite time to develop the website on their own, otherwise they would

Such clients are too savvy for their own good. The conventional wisdom says you wash your hands off the project as politely as possible.

But all “difficult” clients are not like that. Many of them can be turned around and shown the right direction with a torch of conviction. They are simply misguided by the previous web designers or a control freak manager or that brat nephew who runs the MySpace page. Herein lies the importance of knowledge.

It’s always better to approach the difficult clients, or for that matter, all clients, with an open mind: be receptive, and give sincere, positive feedback. Back your reasoning with substantiated data and articles. Communicate with conviction and convey to your client who is the expert as far as designing the website goes.

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