Optimising Your Site for Tablets

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Tablets have become ubiquitous, so much so that any website owner would be foolish not to optimise their site to make it friendlier for tablet users. To help you get started here are some tips for redesigning your site and …

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Accessibility in China

One of the major issues tackled by SEO is accessibility. We want to make sure that a website  that’s being optimised is accessible not just by search engine spiders but also by users regardless of their connection speed, browser used, …

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The Possible Problem with the Search Box

The great thing about internet users is that browsing/surfing behaviors evolve rapidly as they learn to do things the more efficient way. One of the things that users now depend heavily on is the search box. Search is no longer …

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Fixing the Flash Problem

Flash sites can look pretty impressive but anyone who knows about search engines would tell you that a flash site is not a good thing – no matter how good it looks. Most search engine spiders are not able to …

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Accessibility And SEO

Are you aware that if your website is accessible it is also search engine friendly? By “accessible” I don’t mean that your website should be hosted on a server and it should be accessible to all your visitors, I mean …

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The growing importance of accessible websites

Do you think you don’t need to create accessible websites simply because you don’t cater to “that” kind of audience? Well, you definitely need a reality check. I’m not going to present statistics on how many physically challenged people access …

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