Cool Plug-ins from Joost’s Mailing List

I haven’t really had time to go over my mail these days and my inbox has A LOT of unread mail (not to mention the unread categorised mail that goes directly under their labels). As you know I subscribed to …

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Short Takes

Been doing my usual round of reading and thought that I would share a couple of blog posts that caught my eye.

11 Tips for Appearing at Google Definitions by Esteban Panzera – The post outlines how you can define…
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SEO Blogs Banned from WordPress.com

I recently read a post by Lee Odden on how WordPress classified blogs as either “popular” blogs or “banned” blogs. As the title suggests, SEO blogs actually fall under banned blogs. Gasp!

Not surprisingly the post generated a lively discussion …

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WordPress and the “Read More” Problem

Chris of Rillz Magazine wrote an interesting post on a WordPress quirk that isn’t doing anything for your SEO. The ever helpful WordPress uses the phrase “Read more” or “Continue reading” automatically at the end of post excerpts. This …

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Beating the scrapers

Back in July 2007 I posted “Scraping – How can I stop scrapers?” Joost had noticed that content on Phoenixrealm was being scraped and kindly let me know.

Joost has recently released “RSS Footer” a WordPress …

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How To Insert HTML Code In A WordPress Post

In my last post An Introduction To Prototype I needed to insert HTML code in to the post. A quick Google search revealed postable, a quick and easy online tool. It could do with a button to copy the …

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